Mama T Energy

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Co-create with Mama T

Mama T Energy is 3 months of:

  • Two 30 min 1:1 sessions (recommended every other week)
  • Messenger access for between session support

Where can you use support in your life? Mama T energy is about receiving nurturing and guidance on your journey of living an extraordinary life. Create the experience. You get to do the work but you don’t have to do it alone.

Each session created around the experience you’re desiring for yourself. Examples of how to use the time, life coaching, space clearing, and energy healing.

* Note this experience is in beta so is being offered with a generous discount thank you for joining this journey for being a part of this beta experience we ask that you be open to providing a review interview for the Coming Home with Mama T podcast.

Meet the Mentor

Tiara Hairston

I have explored understanding my current capacity and creating space for my own expansion in order to take ownership of what I desire to experience in my life. I’ve gone from looking for someone or something else to tell me exactly what to do and being disappointed when the outcome isn’t what I desire, to allowing myself to be self lead and making what I desire and how I want to achieve it okay within me. 
Often times we invest in courses trying to help connect us to strategies and experience someone else’s way of achieving success and/or desires, and what I’ve found through doing just that is while mentorship is still very important to me, I needed to shift my mindset from idolizing others and seeing them as having all the answers and coming back to myself as the resource for what I desire to create and experience.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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