Spiritual Traveling Tips and Tricks

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You don’t have to pack everything and the kitchen sink to feel protected, abundant and bubbly when you’re not at home.
Enjoy vacation without breaking your back! Join Tiara aka T founder of A Bubbly Life as she shares her tips and tricks to traveling light while still feeling supported.
Meet the Bubbly Queen

Tiara Jena

I have been traveling since I was a kid and one thing I've learned is almost as much as I love luxurious adventures, I hate hauling a huge awkward bag, so I don't! 

My biggest test was spending 3 months in Italy with only 2 carry-ons, impressive, I know. Ever since then, unless I was packing wine my bags have always been carried on and easy to maneuver. 

I mean who wants to be jumping out an Uber stuck in traffic in Chaing Mai only to take off running to a train with loads of bags in toe, ya not this girl #truestory.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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